Success Sisters supports entrepreneur women of all walks of life realize their greatest potential and purpose through the vehicle of sisterhood and Godly counsel. Our goal for each success sister to grow through faith, networking, and educational advancement through strong mentorships.

We desire that all success sisters experience the love of sisterhood in the entrepreneurial realm, through friendship, respect and support. That contribution could be financial, time, resources or connections.

Our organization will work diligently to open up opportunities that may not have been readily available to the average person. In addition, through diversity, we challenge the ladies to transcend their familiar social circles and limitations by networking outside of their comfort zone.

With the aid of mentors, we aspire to arm each success sister with an arsenal of information that if applied correctly would lead to inevitable success. At the helm of all that we do, we are led by God through faith that we can do all things through Christ that strengthen us.




A natural entrepreneur at heart, Jordi B at the age of 19 opened her first business, The Renaissance Salon. Her professional background later evolved to business development, marketing and public relations.




As an entrepreneur, wellness expert, networker, speaker and #1 best selling author, I've dedicated the past 34 years to helping people live vibrant, strong, energetic fulfilled years enjoying a lifestyle of optimal health and an abundance of wealth.





I'm Linda Mullins, a dynamic Strategy, Operations & Management Consultant with entrepreneurial experience and work ethic. I work diligently with each client company as if it's my own baby. With a knack for marketing and sales, I collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop growth strategies and, along with the stakeholders, execute those strategies to drive continuous improvement of the customer experience & increase revenues.


Advisory Board 


Today, I help a handful of companies as a board member, board adviser and run a growth consultancy called JCurve Digital. My partners and I focus on bridging the gap between digital innovation and commercialization to ensure returns are realized. Because innovation is nice, but execution is better, and frankly results are the best!

I believe the keys to success is order. God, faith,family, and then the business. - Kathy Ireland

Our Mission

Success Sisters  support entrepreneur women of all walks of life to help them realize their greatest potential and purpose through the vehicle of sisterhood, mentorship and Godly counsel.


Our Vision

 To see women entrepreneurs all over the world support each other through sisterhood, mentorship and networking with each other to accomplish their goals and visions. It's our vision to help our sisters obtain financial support for their business endeavors through the Success Sisters Go Fund Her Portal. 

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