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  • Success Sisters Foundation is NOT responsible for ANY transactions, products or service experience on this website/platform. Success Sisters Foundation is merely providing a platform for our members to share products and services with other members.

  • First rule of bartering, you have to have something someone else considers valuable

  • Second rule of bartering, both parties need to feel that they received a good deal

  • Third rule, know what you value the item at.

  • Take initiative to make an offer or petition a request to members.

  • Remember, Safety First

  • Always Be Inquisitive

  • Consider All the Goods and Services at Your Disposal

  • Be Skeptical When Necessary

  • Don't Barter Something You Don't Want to Give

  • Don't Barter for Something You Don't Want

  • Test Items to Be Sure They Work

  • Don't Blame the Other Party for a Bad Trade

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